The Whirling Fury



Gwynharwyf resembles a short, stocky elf with a wild silver-white mane of hair, a tanned complexion, and jade-green eyes. She carries a pair of scimitars that gleam with every color of the rainbow. She can also appear as a whirlwind of glittering sand. She is known as a ferocious warrior.


Gwynharwyf is one of two consorts to Queen Morwel (the other is Faerinaal). Demogorgon and Ilsidahur once conspired to slay Gwynharwyf, but she was rescued by Morwel while the two demons were squabbling over how best to torture her to death. Kostchtchie also bears great hatred for Gwynharwyf, because she struck him down, sending his soul into the Abyss.

Morwel keeps Gwynharwyf on a “short leash” regarding Demogorgon (according to Iggwilv).


Gwynharwyf dwells with her lovers Morwel and Faerinaal in the Court of Stars on the plane of Arborea. This timeless, autumnal realm seems eternally in twilight, and it can manifest on any of the three layers of the plane. There is no aging, hunger, or thirst on within the Court of Stars, although inhabitants may eat and drink for their enjoyment. Morwel dwells within a palace of crystal.


Gwynharwyf doesn’t claim to be a goddess, for to do so would mean falling prey to the sin of pride. However, she sponsors many champions, mortal barbarians who seek to emulate their patron’s mix of reservation and rage. They are guerrilla warriors against tyranny, delvers who seek out monsters beneath the Oerth, and relentless hunters of demons and devils.



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