The Church of Whirling Fury

Perhaps the most mysterious of the six affiliations presented here, the Church of the Whirling Fury is in fact a semi-secret group of like-minded souls who seek to oppose the advance of demonic influences into the the Material Plane while at the same time venerating their patron, the eladrin paragon Gwynharwyf. They keep their presence in Sasserine subtle, operating on the theory that to openly oppose such dangerous forces invites open retaliation—much better to gather information and strike with the advantage of surprise. The church was founded by an elven woman known to the church members only as Lady Silvermane. The church of the Whirling Fury accepts members of all vocations and skills, although their doctrines tend to preach “all for the greater good.” As such, they often find themselves operating on the shady side of the law. Strong warriors, priests and hunters are the most common types of heroes in this affiliation.


A vortex of wind behind a pair of crossed scimitars.

Enemies and Allies

The Church opposes all those who would traffic with demons and who would seek to allow demons and their influence to extend into the Material Plane. Evil religions. cabals of conjurers, and demon cultists are viewed with equal contempt. The church is wary of the Witchwardens, as it suspects some of its members of such activity.


The Church of the Whirling Fury is a place of worship for those dedicated to the eladrin paragon Gwynharwyf Her faithful consist of only a few dozen, and of these only a few know her by her name. Members meet once. a month on the night of the new moon to offer prayers and hear Lady Silver-mane speak. Closing prayers remind the lay to keep their vigil silent, so the true agenda of the temple remains a mystery to the uninitiated and uneducated. According Lady Silvermane, a time will soon come to Sasserine when the people will need protection from themselves and it falls to the faithful of the Whirling Fury to cast aside their secrecy at this time to defend the city.


Small Temple

Titles, Benefits and Duties

Members of the Church of the Whirling Fury are expected to remain silent about the church secrets and to keep their affiliation private except among their most trusted friends and allies. When in Sasserine, they are expected to attend the monthly meetings but eventually all members are expected to leave the city for prolonged periods so they can seek out and oppose demonic intrusions into the world.


The church’s true nature is known to only a few (such as Father Ruphus Laro of the church of St. Cuthbert). A caryatid column is said to guard the church, and rumors-of-a larger complex below the above-ground structure among its lay members.

Acts of Endearment

  • Worships Gwynharwyf
  • Weapon Skill of 3
  • Weapon Skill of 4
  • Is female
  • Has the Special Title of champion of Gwynharwyf
  • Completes a mission assigned by Lady Silvermane
  • Defeat a Minor Demon
  • Defeat a Demon
  • Defeat a Major Demon
  • Destroy an artifact tied to the Abyss
  • Makes a pilgrimage to the Court of Stars

Acts of Reproach

  • Associates with those who consort with demons.
  • Summons a demon to the Material Plane
  • Is Lawful
  • Is Evil
  • Gains fiendish graft, symbiot, or other boon from a demonic source
  • Intentionally employs a demonic or evil item for their own benefit.

h4. Affiliation Rank

Rank Title: Benefits and Duties

Not affiliated or Junior Member with no benefits.

2 Ardent Accolyte: The Church welcomes you as a faithful member
3 Blade Warden: May requisition one consumable ward per month
4 Fury Knight: Gain a Hero Point when you face a demon or Greater Demon. Must face a greater demon to gain this title.
5 Favored of Gwynharwyf: Gwynharwyf herself has taken note of you and assigns a ghaele eladrin to you as a guardian angel. This grants you defensive bonus against demon powers. Once a Month, you may call upon your guardian ghaele eladrin to aid you with one task, but doing so consumes all of your other affiliation bonuses for a month. You must defeat a greater demon in single combat to attain this title.  


The Church of Whirling Fury

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