Aearion (Eye-ARE-ee-on)
Half Sea Elf
Monk of the Wind and Waves
Servant of Humanity against the Horrors of the Abyss

Aerion walks about wearing just his monk’s pants, a Belt and soft soled shoes. he keeps his Chest and Arms bare as much as possible to be touched by the Wind. His arms have simpe Tattoos of Scimitars on them he has named Sotillion and Artroa after the Oeridian goddesses of the South and east wins respectively.

Aerion fights with a unique style of fast Kicks and Punches. he calls the style Wind and Waves. His punches are as swift and precise as the wind, while his Kicks are strong and unrelenting as the ocean waves.


frequents the Brothel, Velvet Hatch


And currently stays in an apartment at the Plucked Parrott in Shadow shore district


Aerion has been raised by humans and as such is a worshipper of the Human Dieties. he does not subscribe to any Diety over another, Currently spending a great deal of time with the worshippers of Kord. However he finds a deep connection to the Oeridian goddess of Summer, the South Wind, Ease, and Comfort, Sotillion. His Mentor in the Martial Arts was an Oerdian Priest who vennerated the Velaeri. and taught Aerion of the two sisters of the Wind Sotillion and Artroa.


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