The Savage Tide

The Open Water

Investigation, Storms, and A few strands of seaweed...

The sea.
vast ocean of bounty, booty, and possibility. A generous but cruel mother, the ocean brings to her children the essence of their life and survival yet takes it away just as quickly.

This week Our Heroes find themselves escaping from the bloody hands of the Scarlet Brotherhood and the vicious machinations of a river Hydra to enter the open ocean exploring the remaining Islands between them and their destination.
Still concerned over the looming threat of assassination and sabotage, are heroes continue their attempts to discover and apprehend their pursuer.

yet the dangers and whores that stock their ship are nothing compared to the dangers that are bound in a wild and ruthless water. even in the bottomless depths things grow and spread. and the moment you think you’re safe, it can all turn against you.

What thoughts memories and conclusions hunt the mind of Our Heroes as Bay saver deep grounded breaths at the end of their latest trial?



A water-logged journal washes up on the shore. Most of the pages are damaged or the ink has vanished. Below is the only passage that is legible.

After our run-in with the hydra we set sail to our final stop. The crew had one night to enjoy themselves; let out some stream and what have you. Hindir and I felt it was a bit more important to learn about our “assassin’s” identity. We found our former cabin boy along the shores quite drunk and hidden behind some cargo and cloth. Using his magic, Hindir determined the origin of the bottle and learned that the one causing us all this grief was a certain noble brat quite determined to get revenge. We later learned that both of our ships had been missing emergency supplies, like potions of water breathing, and several civilian passengers went missing. I spent a few moments wondering what sort of things I would do to her. I finally settled on nothing; I’d rather let Hindir attempt to send her back to Sassarin; bound in chains and in a large metal box. If he succeeds, she is arrested and sentenced. If not, well…

We sailed for a few days without incident until we ran into a storm. It was rough, but we managed to make it out without any damage or lose of life. However, we ran into something of legends; Journey’s End. Simply put, it’s a massive sea of green in the middle of the ocean that has been the end for many sailors. Many ships lie dead beneath its unwaving surface. That night, after a long day of cutting, we were attacked by a plant monstrosity. It flung two crew off the deck and onto the green below. We were able to fetch the crew and drive it away. The following night, it happened again, but we were well prepared. The third day a forest seemed to appear and ‘floated’ closer.

Hindir revealed that he was being watched and documented by none other than Heward. Lucky bastard. I can’t help but be jealous. A… something of light, spoke to us and was quite willing to assist us in spotting the island if it moved too close. The fog was far too thick to see any warning. It returned to the ship and told us to fire. Our gunner’s mate and another crew member fired upon the island, setting it ablaze. Tendrils rose around the ship and flailed, eventually sweeping away the remnants of our ammunition. Fortunately, the grip the green had on the ship loosened and we were able to set sail. Our behemoth noted a ship just enough above the green; and wanted to loot it. I followed in suit. As we both jumped I watched, in mild amusement because he wasn’t going to get hurt, him miss the bow of the ship entirely. Inside were some assassin vine like creatures.. They tried to attack me, but I was too quick. Varik soon smashed through, his weapon firing a green light that frightened the vines. I said nothing and joined him in looting everything before returning to the ship.

We finally see the isle of dread.. and a storm is brewing… I hope we make it.

The Open Water

We had just finished our glorious battle with the mighty river Hydra, the heads of the foul beast were tucked away safely aboard the ship and the remaining part of its body was now being dried out and stored as rations for the remaining part of our voyage. Now we the barrels of water loaded we set off again making our way to the next stop Rencrew,Day 62 days passed before we arrived at that beautiful settlement, i learned that it was a traditional Oman settlement with all of the benefits. But before i could embrace the third teachings of Semunaya I had to assist Hindir in teleporting my hydra heads back to the arena so that they could be stuffed and put on display in the trophy room, oh the glory they will bring me. Several magic words later and some runes the hydra heads were gone in a flash a look of absolute confidence spreads over Hindir’s face so I had no reason to worry that anything could have gone wrong. When my glory currently arriving in the arena it was time to embrace Semunaya’s third teachings and procreate. I found myself a beautiful Oman girl and as my father use to say the field was successfully plowed. The night went by in a flash for the morning sun graced my eyes and it was time to head back to the ship, i left a note and a small bundle of gold for her. The note contained words of my deepest love and my current whereabouts in Sassurin should i survive the isle of Dread. As i board the ship Hindir and Grao pull me aside and inform me that the Dragon lady from before is back and is currently using magic to disguise her appearance, she must be the one who is trying to murder us with poison and the one who is charming our crew members. As the ship made its way out to sea we line up everyone on the crew and inform them that we have a spy in our ranks and that we need everyone to be on alert for any strange activity. Day 73 out of no where a storm engulfs out ship and rocks the ship back and forth men being flung from side to side, thankfully the night was short and we didn’t lose any men to the sea. But Lady Vanderborne’s ship the BLue Nixie was no where to be seen. But we knew that if this were to happen that we would regroup at Farshore. Day 77 a heavy fog rolls in and the ship seems to come to a stand still, the sounds of waves crashing against the hull and the gentle breeze that was with us had suddenly stopped. As the fog cleared and we gazed over board we found ourselves surrounded by a green web of kelp and seaweed, the ship was stuck. As we began to look around and get our bearings we noticed several broken and sunk ships around us, this is a ship graveyard. The only good thing about the situation was that the green web was strong enough to stand on so we began working in shifts to cut through the green web around the ship at least enough to try and get some room to maneuver. That night we were attacked by a large vine creature, it came aboard the ship but was quickly knocked off by Erin and his mighty fists. The creature seems to meld with the surrounding landscape making it difficult to track, however large vines began coming up the side of the ship and throwing men off of the ship and out into the green web. I had to stop this creature before it could hurt anyone else, i leaped off of the ship and began to chase after it, i was about to engage it in melee when out of the surrounding darkness a arrow comes piercing through my arm and into the creature, as i look back Lirith is standing there bow out. I will have to talk to her later about this, however the creature did not like the arrow at all for once it was injured it melded with the green web and ran away. Thankfully in that time Grao and Erin had jumped off the ship as well and had gone to rescue the men, who were fine just banged up a little. As we regrouped back on the ship we knew that we had to get out of here as soon as possible. Day 80 we are still stuck in the green webs days of cutting and magic use had gotten us only so far and the nightly attacks from the Vine creatures were getting tiring. However as we looked out onto the horizon our eyes fell upon something peculiar a island of trees was heading out way. Grao than began to tell us of a story titled Journey’s End which mentions a magical creature that creates these vine webs traps ships the tale says that if we defeat the creature then the vine web will disappear and we will be free. So we prepare ourselves thankfully days of cutting allowed us to move the ship sideways so that both our forward and rear arms could hit the creature successfully. Night came and we could no longer see the creature so we had no idea when it might get into range of our weapons. Hindir being the clever man that he is summons a light creature who agreed to help us and will fly out towards the island and will let us know when it gets within range. Time passes slowly, waiting, waiting for the signal from the creature waiting for the battle to begin. Then the light creature comes back to the boat and says FIRE!!! The assault begins. Shot after shot the gunners were earning their pay today fire bomb after fire bombs hits the island erupting in a sizable blast of fire. The island screeches and we see vines coming up around the ship swiping at our crew, thankfully they missed the crew but manage to sweep our ammunition overboard. We fired what we had left at the island and as our final shots hit firm the green web around the ship began to loosen. Erin’s tattoos began to glow with a blinding blue light and suddenly gale force winds began to blast out of his tattoos he directed his arms towards the sails and we began to move forward away from the island. Finally a stroke of luck we were on our way towards freedom as we headed out of the green web i noticed a familiar flag on one of the sunken ships, it had to be carrying treasure, I couldn’t pass this up i lunged off of the bow of the ship aiming to land on the deck of the broken ship. My jump was perfect, I was going to make it however then i felt a foot on my shoulder looking up Grao had also jumped with me and used me as a spring board to land on the ship while i was now heading for the side of the ship which meant pain. I would get him for this. I climbed up the side of the ship and headed inside looking for the riches i knew were there, i was then attacked by three vines. Only three no challenge i thrust my ransuer forward into the base of the vines, piercing them it was then i heard a familiar voice it told me to hold back. Knowing that i had landed a fatal blow i pulled back as much as i could. And a green fire came out of my ransuer and stuck the vines together keeping them alive. However my palm was bloody, it seems that if i wanted to i could prevent my enemies death and absorb some of the damage and it would my ransuer would ensnare them in a green fire for which there was no escape. Oh Semunaya thank you for this gift. I no longer need to hold back my blows when fighting for if i need to keep them alive you will help me. Thank you. At that point Grao and i loaded up what we could carry and made it back onto the ship safely arms full of loot, heads full of memories of this great adventure. Day 86 we spot the Isle of Dread on the horizon we had made it safely and in one piece. We knew from here that we would head east to Farshore to meet up with the Blue Nixie. As we sailed rain began to fall, just a little at first and then more and more, the rain pounded the sail and the smashed into the deck. The sea became rough and we swayed from side to side, the eels began sprouting from the water and attacking the crew men we being eaten in droves. The ship rocked hard back and forth several times i barely survived almost being thrown overboard. However now we were surrounded by high rocks and a new foe appeared a giant kraken that was attacking the eels, the ship rocked harder back and forth this time was to much as i was thrown overboard. I managed to grab a rope and was now being dragged in the ocean behind the ship, I had no idea where my companions were i had lost sight of Hindir and Grao, Lirith and Erin, was this it was this how my life was going to end. I had dreamed of soaring above the clouds becoming Varik the sky knight people chatting my name from the ground below and now i find myself alone and in silence as I’m dragged through the water. This, this can’t be the end.

The Open Water
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