The Savage Tide

There is No Honor: Chapter 3


(Throws back a pint of Ale) ahh thanks Lilly, I really Needed that one. What? oh no so we went to parrott Island Looking for this Noble Brat, and all we found was a big Pile of Parrott Shit and nothing else. it was depressing I tell you after scouring the District for info on him, we followed all the clues to Parrott Island to find Zip, Nada, Absolutely nothing.

Yes I am sure thats all, Look i cam back here to get a change of shoes and then we are meeting at the Taxidermist’s later to stuff a parrott and mount it to remind us of how we should not be playing guardsman looking for Noble Brat’s!

What this (Hods up a velum Scroll he was writing on) nothing but poetry dear, want to hear it? hmm hmmm. Your eyes ar Blue, your Lips are Red, If I am True to you? can I get you in Bed?

Well i never claimed to be a Bard Lilly sheesh. (rolls up the Velum Scroll and seals it) besides its not for you, I already pay to get in your Bed! now I got to go.

(on the way out of the Plucked Parrott drops the scroll and a few gold into a Priest of Kords Alms Bowl and asks that it be delivered)

(The Scroll Reads)
“As reported earlier this week I have begun serving Lady Vanderboren. after helping her gain access to her Vault She asked Us to locate her missing Brother. Today we tracked Him to Parrott Island with the help of a local who had been working with him and knew where he was. upon arriving our guide led us to a trap door leading into some old smuggler tunnells. we descended to look for the Lord Vanderborn only to have our guide stabbed in the back and thrown down after us with the ladder out. the Lordling Vanderborn himself did this saying we should not have sided with his sister. after fighting off some undead lead by a cursed ex priest of Illitimara we found a few hidded treasures and a clue to the Lordling’s plan. he was trying to double cross the Dragon Lotus gang in the sunrise district in some way. and the gangs Hideout was under the Taxidermists Shop. in order to get out we used a whistle given to us by a halfling Gondalier who turned out to be a member of (Place Holder) of Cauldron. we found out she was in the market to aquire some water front property for her organization and wanted to help us find the young Nobel brat. we in turn would help her convince these Dragon Lotus people to relinquish thier iron grip on said waterfront properties. the only catch is she asked us to take these potions to aid us in our fight, the side effect of wich would make our memory of places and things while under it’s effects blury. so i am sending this report to you while in route to the taxidermist’s Guildhall in Sunrise and the next part of our mission. I am not trusting in the motives of this Halfling and her organization so I want a record of what we are about to do in your hands.”

There is No Honor: Chapter 3

We went to Parrot Island looking for Vanthis. A half elf fellow happened to stumble upon us unlike ambush-like and led us to where “Vanthis and Pankiss were hiding.” It wasn’t long until Shafton, the half-elf, was unceremoniously stabbed in the back and toppled down to join us in death. Well, at least that’s what Vanthis would have liked to think.

Apparently Vanthis had been very busy with his new crew; stabbing them in the back and climbing up the ranks. While in the cavern, we ran into some undead and a former priest of Olidammara. The price of being a traitor…

Jil, that nice halfling that gave me that fancy whistle, happened to save us.. after blowing said whistle. She has a vested interested in Vanthis’ “former hideout” as long as we rid the town of some “bad neighbors.”

We followed her instruction to the taxidermist’s where we “kindly convinced” the proprietor to tell us the location of our “bad neighbors”.

There is No Honor: Chapter 3

We had just learned that the man we were looking for had taken refuge on Parrot Island. Shefton the young man who had given us this info agreed to take us there personally, of course, the extra gold Erin had thrown his way had no sway on his personality.

He took us to the pier where we were met by the most beautiful thing I had seen in a long time, a gondola big enough for me. Oh and there was a decent looking half-elf steering the gondola her name was Jill and she mentions that she was new to the area and looked to starting up a business.

We arrived to Parrot Island shortly and holy shit they were not kidding about the parrots so so so many parrots. Shefdon was able to led us deeper into the forest and led us to a stone trap door which he said led to some smugglers tunnels. It was a tight squeeze but I was able to shimmy down, we reach the bottom and just as we were about to get under way a loud thud came from behind us as Shefdon body lay at our feet bloody and broken, from above Vanthus cursed as for being in league with this sister and cut the rope ladder and slammed the stone door.

At that moment Grao and I knew what we needed to do I attempted to throw Grao up the shaft to catch Vanthus. Well let’s just say we were unsuccessful. So deeper into the tunnels we go, shortly later we were confronted by the undead, horrible creatures I pity them. Fighting with desire or passion sounds meaningless. But I had to protect my master, I ran into the darkness to confront the undead coming in from the other side of the room.

One swing that’s all it took. My voice bellowed in triumph, which lead to more undead appearing and they were not alone they were accompanied by a horrible gagging noise which apparently belonged to an evil spell caster for dark lightning came forth from his hands and began sapping my strength, however he didn’t get enough.

I was able to maneuver around the undead and with a mighty blow I was able to make his insides his outsides. Ha ha. He last act upon this earth was to attempt to burn me with an unholy fire. But that fire was quickly put out by my overwhelming presence! He however was not so lucky as his own spell backfired and he burst into flames. Our fight was not fruitless I stumbled upon and small chest filled with copper. Knowing there was more we continued deeper into the tunnels. As we continued we came across several interesting things. One we found the body of painkis the accomplice of Vanthus who was dead from disease in his hand were his last words cursing Vanthus and providing us info regarding the Lotus as well as the Dragon Lotus.

We also discovered a small hidden room with more treasure and potions of all shapes and sizes. However once again it dawned on us that other than a tiny hole in the bottom of the cove we still have no discovered a way out of here. With hope fleeting Grao blew the whistle that he was given by Jill cause why the hell not.

Minutes passed and nothing suddenly we heard whistles blow again and again. The stone door began to move and we were greeted by Jill and her team of wizards that helped get us and our loot at of the tunnels. Jill then mentioned to us series of coded messages that I could barely follow but the just of it was she was looking to start a “business” and to do that she needed water access also she needed us to help them with the Lotus so that Jill and her people could move in.

The other request was that we would take memory alternating drugs so that we wouldn’t remember the exact location of the Lotus lair. We agreed because our interests were aligned and we head off towards the taxidermist hall for there was a man with the information we needed.

After what looked like a spectacular failure and random conversations with vermin some how we were able to pull off a victory and get the man to show us the entrance. Ugh why couldn’t I just hit him.

There is No Honor: Chapter 3
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