Witch Wardens

Sasserine’s mage’s guild was founded by a priest-mage of Wee Jas many centuries ago, but today the Witchwardens have become more secular. Their members study magic in all its forms, seeking to discover new spells or recover forgotten lore from ancient ruins across the world. They are charged with the defense of the city against magical threats, and many of their members have ties to the city’s high society. Bards, sorcerers, wizards ad (naturally) the chosen of Wee Jas welcome in this affiliation.


A round disk bearing a circle of runes with eight daggers inside pointing toward the center. Each dagger represents one school of magic, each contributing to the greater cause. Members of the guild typically wear the symbol as a badge on their robes.

Background, Goals and Dreams:

Originally founded boo years ago as a religious group dedicated to Wee ias, the goddess of magic, death, and beauty, this guild has become much more secular over the years. Based in the Noble District, the Witchwarden Tower is the primary home of the guild. The 88ft¬tall tower houses numerous libraries, workshops, and meeting halls, all freely available to members, provided that they share their findings and knowledge with the guild. The Witchwardens prefer to keep an air of secrecy about them, requiring all visitors to the tower to first make an appointment and restricting their access to the well-appointed meeting rooms on the first floor.

The first goal of the Witchwardens is the pursuit of arcane magic, and members spend a great deal of their Score time researching new spells and recovering lost lore. The guild is also charged with the defense of the city against any magical threat. The current mistress of the guild High Warden Lux Siloni (LN female human wizard), takes these responsibilities very seriously; constantly pushing guild members to strike out in new directions with passionate lectures and rallying them to defense of the city in times of need.


The Witchwardens are open to anyone who can cast arcane magic, including bards, sorcerers, and wizards. Some exception is made for the divinely touched of arcane deities (Boccob, Wee Jas, Delleb, Murlynd etc.) Though generally speaking such adherents are pursuing dual studies in arcane and divine magic as proselytizing outside of debate is considered rather gauche. While some today still venerate the Witch Goddess, members may be of any faith. Many of the most powerful wizards and sorcerers in the city are members, giving this guild important ties to the powerful and the wealthy.


College with Influence in the city and outlying areas.

Joining and Advancing

To join and advance within the Witchwardens, you must present yourself for review, where you are required to display your arcane talents in front of a panel of guild leaders under predetermined challenges. Prospective members must also pay a fee of 20 gp for the review. If you do not pursue arcane magic as your primary focus, you won’t derive much benefit from membership.

Titles, Benefits and Duties

Members of the Witchwardens are required to pay a monthly due of 10 gp to cover simple expenses. Members who attain a new title are promoted at the end of the monthly arcane symposium, where they receive their new dagger (a badge of office).

Witch Wardens

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