Zelkarune's Horns

Based in the Champion’s District where, among other things, they manage the hugely popular events in the Sasserine Arena, Zelkarune’s Horns consists of gladiators, big-game hunters, mercenaries, and explorers of the surrounding wildlands. Beyond Sasserine’s walls, members of the Horns often operate alone (or as members of small groups), seeking new creatures to populate arena fights or merely looking for adventure and treasure to further their own (and by extension, the Horns’) fame and glory. Barbarians, fighters, rangers, and rogues are commonly found in this affiliation.


A dragon skull pierced by a spear makes up the symbol of this
organization, Members of the guild typically have this symbol tattooed on their arm or
back while others paint it on their shield

Background, Goals and Dreams:

Zelkarune’s Horns is a popular organization. Based around the Sasserine Arena in the Champion’s District, this group manages and organizes all of its events. In addition, the group also funds numerous hunts and expeditions to gather new creatures for the arena or simply as trophies for the walls of its adjoining hall. Due in large part to its reputation, this group is also the largest mercenary company in all of Sasserine. Members are often hired by noble houses, wealthy individuals, and even other affiliations to take on dangerous tasks.

Members of Zelkarune’s Horns pride themselves their combat prowess, and spend a great deal of their time practicing and sparring with one another. When out on a hunt, members are always on the lookout for some formidable beast to match up against and prove their skill. While many of the bouts and gladiatorial matches hosted by the group are to generate revenue, Zasker Grartkus (NG male human barbarian/fighter), the group’s leader, honestly enjoys entertaining the people of Sasserine. Zasker, commonly known as the “reformed barbarian,” is a charismatic fellow and able leader. He spends most of his days talking to members about current problems and scheduling upcoming events.

Enemies and Allies

While no other organization considers Zelkarune’s Horns its enemy, many of the other more polite groups treat its members with disdain. More recently, warrior minded druids have joined the band and brought with some new elements of preservationist thought… full ramifications of this are yet to be seen.


Zelkarune’s Horns is open to members of any class, although barbarians, fighters, and rangers make up the bulk of the membership. A number of clerics of Kord, monks, and even a few arcane spellcasters are also to be found on the roster.


Fighting Company with City Influence

Joining and Advancement
To join Zelkarune’s Horns you must pay an initiation fee of 20 gp and fight one match in the arena (nonlethal, of course), Members of non-martial classes might find that this affiliation has little to offer them. Advancement is done via Company ceremony, and thereafter celebratory area match to let the newly minted promotee show off their skills to the city.

Titles, Benefits and Duties

As you advance in Zelkarune’s Horns, you are expected to fight greater foes and recover more powerful monsters for the arena. At the same time, you are given special training and a stipend.

Zelkarune's Horns

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